Start-ups &
Venture Capital

From the beginning to the exit, start-ups and their investors often encounter a multitude of legal problems and questions. Our Start-ups and Venture Capital Team consists of lawyers and tax consultants forming a strong network through ten locations in Germany with vast experience in this field. Not only do we have specific know-how in the areas of corporate law and financing but also regarding issues that go hand in hand with these areas, such as antitrust law (merger control), IP/IT law, data protection, employment law and tax law, which enables us to provide industry-specific advice that hits the mark.

Our network partners abroad will also be happy to assist you with any questions on these topics.

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Key Contact

Andreas Tüxen, LL.M. (American University / WCL)


T +49 30 52133 16258

Dr Moritz Mentzel


T +49 30 52133 24650

Philipp Dietz, LL.M. (Edinburgh)


T +49 221 9937 14224

Dr Gregor Wecker


T +49 221 9937 25727

Philipp Glock


T +49 69 27229 24619

Dr Thomas Kuhnle


T +49 711 9338 19193

Michael Ströbel, LL.M. (University of Auckland)


T +49 711 9338 19158